War Heroes: Fun Action App Reviews

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Sad attempt at competing with Clash Royale

1. Balance is non-existent in cards and matching of opponents 2. No way to mute juvenile emotes 3. Clans/teams serve no purpose other than social... cannot donate cards to one another 4. Generals are also unbalanced and so is care distribution 5. Clear attempt at pay-to-play disguised as free-mium Save your time.

Best video game

I love this video game . . . Can not stop playing!!

Rip Off

I say that because of the way the games go. I read many other reviews that warned of this and now I know it is true. It’s a fun game but strategy and level don’t play as big a factor in the game as they should. I’m a level 11. I play against level 6-11. There are games where I’m playing against an 11 and it’s a really good game. Intense. But then there are games that I’m playing against a level 6 and they annihilate my forces like I was a level 1. It’s as if the winner was already chosen before the match started. I’ve seen a level 6 copter go against my level 11 copter and it wins. No way! I have higher damage ability and high resistance but within two shots my copter is destroyed. It’s very uneven in the play. Play it but DON’T invest any $$$ in the game. It will lead to frustration. It could be a very fun game but the developers need to do some work with how the levels interact. I won’t be investing any more $$$ in the game. It’s a rip off. Sad....but true.




Love it

Very Cool Game!!

I love this game and so does my son! It’s a lot of fun!! 🤘🏽


Fun game, keeps me entertained throughout the day!


The game is really good and interesting

Awesome game

Great amazing game


Can’t stop playing. Great game 👍🏻


Maybe too much fun.

It's call

It's amazing

Great game

Great fun!



great game

like the graphics


Hey what’s the point of an alliance when you can’t request or donate!?!?!? And there’s no alliance goals to work towards... makes no sense

Creative CR Ripoff

Creative Ripoff, Really fun You should add tournaments and donating and friendly battles in the future

Great Game

So fun, and very addictive

Not listen to the players at all!

Stupid game that cannot mute your opponent’s emojis! All the same ‘clash royale’ type of game for real time battle should be able to mute the opponents’ emoji, not just because to stop their harassments an insults, but also to block their interruption during the game to play fairly. What a stupid game that cannot fulfill this simple function.....


It’s a lot like clash royal

Pay to win!

This game could be fun, but no, corruption strikes again. The game is rigged to give you only the wins/loses to encourage you to pay real money for upgrades. Even if you have a better deck, or hand of cards with stats way above the opponent, they still can win... what a world we live in. I hope you guys enjoy all that money you stole from kids.

Good game

Chơi zui, giải trí cũng ok


Decent fun, but trying to learn while being constantly taunted for losing is no fun at all. Needs an option to turn off the taunts, it gets old, fast.

Bugs in update

Game was entertaining but can’t connect to battles since latest update.

Really cool.

Compare to Goon squad and Clash Royal. I really like the game I just wish there were more cards.

New update made the game unplayable

After the recent update the lag and skipping makes it impossible to play at all. Literally, you cannot play units. ABSOLUTE JUNK thanks to more developers that don’t test things before release.


It’s fun




One of the best app hands down


Download it



Great Time Killer

Love this game when I have a few minutes to kill

Enjoyable game

Just started playing today. So far so good.

Nice game

I really love this sexy game also can you add more legendary

المال في اللعبة

الحصول على الألماس صعب في اللعب

Tiger tank and airborne division

Either kill the tiger tank as a card or make it way weaker. And the watch battles button is gone

Pretty fun

I love ❤️ it.

Very good game

I love how this game works and there are very cool animations for the troops.there are awesome maps and awesome troops.this game should deserve a 5 because is so awesome and it has the best features!

Fun game

Like everyone is saying, very similar to clash Royale. Lots of fun, good strategy, etc. best of all the cards aren't terribly hard to collect, so even the casual player can have fun as well. Some mismatches happen as can be expected but not too often. The timer hiccup at the 90 second mark would be a nice fix, and so would the option to mute opponents emotes, as this often ruins what could have been a fun game.

Great game but needs updates

Overall this game is great to play and offers some unique features compared to clash Royale and other pvp mobile games. Negatives: I will say that the game isn’t monetized well; their bundle for cyber week was for $100, like let’s relax. People will put money into the game but for $100 that’s insane. I’ve invested $25 total into the game and will most likely not invest anymore because I fear that the game may not be updated nearly as often as I like. There are few bugs with larger troops like tanks and cards fighting to pass each other in lanes. There isn’t much to do with your alliance. They need to add more features in terms of challenges, events, alliance battles, chests, etc. They have tons of great cards and generals, I’m always switching my decks which has made gameplay new and fun. I’d download this game but I’m hoping in the next few months they remonetize the game and update it with tons of new features.

Great game but...

The game is great in my opinion, but would benefit if alliance members could donate troops to each other. Otherwise this game is perfect a few minor glitches here and there but I’m sure those will get patched. A few other recommendations I have are cards make them easier to get and have other things besides the shop and chests this would be great thank you


This game is it has action to

War Hero’s

Super cool game. I couldn’t stop playing it. Definitely worth the download

Dont download us you're ready to pay to win

Familiar with clash Royale good... You're not then i recommend you play it first before touching this. War heros will have you saying I'm grateful that clash Royale is well balance as it is and not skilless like this game.


Ok game

Pay to play extreme

New update it’s gotten a 1000 times worse. May try the game after the next update. If you are not paying to get ahead you are going to constantly go up to steps back one and a half steps, so that you’re really stuck in a current level. Although the strategy components are fun and I have enjoyed playing the game, this consistent inequitable pairings gets old. And watch the replay to see the silliness of you win and lose in different matches with the same cards same level.

War heroes is great

I like how you can get multiple arenas.what i don't like is the fact that it's hard to get new cards.



War Heroes

Fun Game. All it is is clash royals but war based. 5/5!

War Heros

Fun game!!

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