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Poor matching algorithms

I want to give it 5 out of five but i cant because of its poor algorithms in matching fights. I am a level 9 now and I frequently must play with level 11 and even 12 players. This is disappointing. They should do sth about this problem.

Great game but

This is a great game but add some more units and a group of German units in with it

Pay to play pay to win

What a horrible game. If you feel you must pay to enjoy a game and win this is a must game for you. However if you feel that this has gotten out of control (pay to play) avoid this game entirely. Very unbalanced very unfriendly to those who choose to not pay.

Balanced game?

😆🤣😂😆😂🤣 You can only choose the forces system assigns. It gives the host the tremendous power to “manipulate” the odds of winning the games. 😂😂😂😂😂😆😆😆😆😆

Matchmaking is horrible!

I’d give this 2.5 stars. I’m a long time fan of clash Royale and I liked this game because it’s the same style, however the matchmaking is awful!! I’m lvl 10 and playing people constantly that are 12-13 and they stomp me. I do win some against those levels but it drives me mad when they absolutely stomp, why am I even matched up against them. First off, it takes a long time to level above 9, which means anybody level 11 or higher has played so many more hours than I have, which means they received way more crates and cards to level up over time, which means not only are my towers lower health but all my cards are typically lower too. Very frustrating, they need to follow clash Royale lead and if any higher levels want to drop trophies they also get their card levels lowered to make it more even. I too could drop levels and stomp but it’s not my style. Anyways, thx for reading this far. Play, but beware for raging.


It’s a good game I 😍


Not saying the game is fixed but there are definite algorithms happening that just send me into a nose dive for a day or two. Then suddenly I can’t be beat for a day. Then nose dive again. Makes the game hard to play when you have decks that are flawless then suddenly they’re useless.

Pay to win

There is a piggy bank for one Dollar why not spend coins on it instead of real money

Fun but...

Entertaining aside from the unequal play. System allows great gaps in levels to fight each other making it almost impossible for lower level players to compete at times. Frustrating. :/

Dont waste your time!

Garbage game play.

My experience with it

This is on of the worst game I ever played you will play for months with any touchable progress in your army and will spend lot of money without any real ability to your army so my advise to you is simply avoid playing it

Don’t download!

This game requires you to pay a premium if you are to advance. Don’t bother with it!

Wow mine Blowing graphics

This game is really great I loved it

Not happy.

Twice now I’ve made the piggy bank purchase for $4.99 and twice I’ve been charged $10.53 which is $9.98 plus tax where I live. I want compensation then I will fix my review.

Castle crush

Wow look at that, a castle crush commercial. What, there’s another CC commercial. And another. And another. Maybe the next one will be something new? Noooooooooooo another CC commercial. And another and another and another. I would rather watch grass grow then see another effin CC commercial people. Oh by the way, love war heroes

Worst game ever

Constantly lags or kicks me out of battle when I rejoin it won’t let me place cards and the enemy always wins pure garbage game

My opinion.

Awesome game!!!!! Would like more of a variety on the crates. A lot of epic battles and still get common crates. Only down fall but besides that the game is awesome.

Waste of time

It’s a ridiculous stupid game that’s more like ((waste your time)) kind of game

Used to be good

Honestly ruined the game with only ever seeing two heroes played that are clearly overpowered and other changes that helped push them even fletcher over the top

hungry money games!

I honestly deleted this 👍😆


This game is cool

Dual team member battles

Might as well follow the cool things that CR does. The tournaments are discouraging.

Pay to win

Pay to win ruins the beauty that this game could have.


Can play about 10 mins at a time. Why make a good game and limit it

Money grab don’t download unless you’re willing to pay

Games definitely fun to play and it’s developed beautifully. But once you get to level 9+ the app refrains you from surpassing 2600 trophies. They often balance the game play so not one battle deck gets too much power but in combination with that and the premium subscription. You’re pretty much at a constant disadvantage cause it favors those who subscribe and pay further beyond the gems you already purchase. I’ve spent a lot already on gems and I still haven’t surpassed 2675 trophies. Within a nonstop 4 hr game play, Ill usually end up with less trophies than I started and frustrated. Don’t download unless you’re willing to pay for it. Everyone in our alliance is experiencing these issues. Which means this issue is game wide. Also when you battle, you’re constantly faced with players that often enough have 400+ trophies over and two levels higher. Developer. If I’m wrong, prove it or fix this.

Best clash clone so far.


Good game

Great time killer


It is just like Clash Royale and I love the game

It’s okay

It’s not all that fun and it seem that everyone is putting money into this game already and doesn’t make it fun for the people that play for the fun of the game


Great game


This is a great game. My only problem is that there is no back button. Please add a back button.

Used to be fun

The match making is way off, no reason why I should be going up against another player 3 leagues above me with 500 more medals. They make it hard to progress when you win a match you get 20 medals at the most, when you lose, you lose 42 medals. Game seriously needs to be fixed. Thanks for the nonsense updates.

لعبة جميلة جدا

انصح بتحميلها تستحق التجربة و العناء

My thought about this game

This game is so fun and really just can’t even explain it it’s just addictive I can’t put my phone down when I’m playing this game


Great game!!

Not close to similar games

Climb the ladder just to wait 20 minutes for a matchup. Gold balance is non existent. Developers don’t listen to advice. I spent $$$$ on this game and bought my way to top 3. Stick with Supercell and original games.

العبه ظالمه

ما انصح تحميلها لازم تخسر فلوس ولا فيها عدل يخلونك تلعب مع اللي أقوى منك عشان تدفع يعطون خصمك كروت ورو بعض عشان تخسر ما في توازن في مستويات اللعب الصراحه حرام كل ريال فيهم اذا في اقل من نجمه كنت عطيتهم ولا في اي تواصل مع الادارة


Game full of cheaters You start the game, and the opponents is already way ahead of you! What's the fun???


لعبه مسليه وممتعه جدا انصح الجميع


The balance of the game with your opponents level needs work. You find yourself either with a super easy opponent or an extremely hard opponent who is 2 levels above you. Does not seem like there is a middle ground. The game ends up being pointless and a waste of money, I’ve been playing for awhile, there is nothing balanced when you loose 1 game and forfeit 47 medals and your next win is not even 20 medals forcing you to win at least 3 games just to be back where you were. This balancing problem continues after losing 4-6 games in a row, you don’t see easier opponents normally just harder ones, your forced to not play because after losing almost 200 medals and being kicked back to the previous war zone.... now you not only have to win twice as many games to get back to your war zone, your still up against players with more advanced units and higher level cards. The game is definitely fun at first, but after a few long term losing streaks and experiencing the huge balance / player level / card level issues it’s not a game that continues to Capture your attention.

Amazing Time Spender

I’ve played this game for countless hours and I’m still just as in love with it as when I first discovered it! It’s worth the premium membership!

Great game-too many people with cheats on

Great game, however need to many people using cheats. Makes game a lot less enjoyable to play.


I don’t have anything to say it just a great game overall download it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Fun game, but not balanced

Fun game to kill time, but once you reach around 2400 medals you cannot progress much more bc you’ll often be matched up with players that have much higher level cards than you. You can lose one match and lose as many medals as it took you to make in 3 wins, and you only get like 10 gold per win where everything takes over 10,000 gold to level cards towards the mid range. I’m pretty sure people will purposely tank their medal standings so they can play against players that have units 3-4 levels under them which kind of ruins it. I’ve been stuck at this for months and it takes so long to accumulate cards and gold to level up that you have to pay crazy amounts of money, $5/week subscription for an iPhone game, to level yourself up to compete or spend years trying to catch up to players. Would be a lot more fun if the cards didn’t have levels and you actually had to use skill to win instead of overcoming bases and units with thousands of more health points than your own.

Where to start..

Let’s just be real. Grenades hit planes and down them in one shot from a bunker yet the same grenadier can’t do that on the field. Napalm burns choppers out of the sky. Interesting. It’s a game. It can be fun but no joke, you’ll lose your mind understanding the mechanics of it. Go somewhere else and don’t waste your money.

Nerf Leonidash!!!

Wrecked one of your pay to play guys but got turned on when I destroyed both of his towers at the same time. He got wrecked strategically but his general completely overpowered the field. Gonna drop trophies so I can at least have some fun playing.


Fake coin generators use this game to lie to people to trick into playing

Pay to play

Games fun until you get to lvl 8, then it’s unbalanced and you pretty much have to pay to compete. Don’t waste your time or money.


Best game ever

Lame, don’t bother

This was fun for a day or two but then clearly became a game you had to spend money on to have a fighting chance. After about day two every opponent is higher level, better cards etc. so you have no chance. Don’t waste your time.

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