War Heroes: Fun Strategy Duel App Reviews

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Best game

Excellent game

Good, but...

The game is really fun but the only problem is how overpowered some of the cards are like the airborne assault and the tiger tank but the worst is the airborne assault in my opinion it is just WAY too overpowerd

Absolutely unbalanced

This game makes me quite angry. I am currently a level 4 in Leningrad and I only fight people that are level 9. This makes it almost impossible to win any games as there cards are often 5 levels higher than mine. This game needs to fix its matchmaking it is seriously unfair. I cannot win a single game anymore. Also the sudden death timer is absolutely horrible. Because all I fight are people much higher level than me then they can just stall until sudden death and their towers have about twice as much health as mine. Overall this game can be slightly fun in the beginning but is extremely unbalanced and aggravating later on unless I just sit and do no attacks until I am also level 9 which would take forever.

Don't spend money..

I had 9.55 in my iTunes account I spent 5 bucks for gems then two .99 cent gems. Now my iTunes account is at 0.00. That math doesn't add up. Luckily I only should've had 2.55 left. But if I would've had more they probably would have taken it all. Just a warning to y'all. It's an average card playing strategy game.

Makes me wet(female perspective)

These men in uniform are the real deal.

Decent game

Good game but more of a 3-4 star, makes you rate 5 for free updates


Great game


Not enough gem rewards

Developers getting greedy

I used to absolutely love this game. Was definitely a 5 star game. Now developers are so hungry for money that the game has lost its appeal. I spend money on games and was happy to at first but now the greed is out of control. My special offer in the shop is a 50$ offer. Come on that’s ridiculous. Not to mention they have been reducing rewards in chests. The game has gotten to the point where all free to play players are quitting the game. The new VIP that gives all troops plus 1 level if you pay for it on a weekly has killed the game for free to play. They will continue to lose players and get criticized if they don’t make changes in a positive way for the players. It’s definitely turned into a pay to win. I know you want $$$ But at the cost of losing your player base? Is it worth it?

Can’t update

Why I can’t update new version?


This game is great better the clash Royale awesome gameplay would definitely recommend it







Very good

It game likes clash royale but it's more good i started this game last 15 minute and I like it it's great game


Awesome game

Good game

Very fun game



Pls add more cards

The game is awesome but pls add an army dog it would really make the game more fun.


I love the game


I love the game because it has a clash royal take on it and I like the idea of army troops and tanks!

Great game

Great game

This game is Awesome

Good progression system, good graphics, good gameplay. Hardly anything wrong with this game. Definetly worth the download because once you start winning it is insanely fun

Fix your server stability.

I have no connection problems with any game. Only this one. I get disconnected in battles about 85-90% of the time now. Waste of time. And irritating. Until they can fix. It’s useless. Like I said. This is the only game I have connection issues with.


Has so many card adjustment updates it negates any deck you build, the app constantly doesn’t work or crashes, lags all the time when you play a card or even before you start the game, and is nothing compared to clash which it models exactly after. I would rate it lower than a 1 if possible.

Read pls

I was having problems whit the game for billing in my visa I don't know for why because the game is free... Plus that I buy couple times gems sow I invert my money on your app pls reward me for the 5 star and for the troubleshoot

Unfair game

The most unbalanced game I ever played, is incredible how a level 9 can overtake a level 12 so easily, my last battle the guy create 3 units 7 energy each in less than 2 seconds while my units takes 30 seconds. Don’t waste your time or money, there are better apps


Stop screwing players with your bs A.I.

Love the game

Its very addicting

Getting worse all the time

This was the best tower based game imo. But thanks to the constant “improvements” (card changes) it continues to be less fun. It looks like they are to busy try to make a buck getting everyone to spend $ upgrading different cards every week and I’m sick of it.

Was good getting worse

I started out liking this game like everyone else, until it became apparent that this game is no more than a money grab, where players who pay win regardless of their strategy or rank. I’ve seen lower rank players who paid for high level cards defeat higher rank players with the same cards but of lower level due to earning through crates. And recent updates to the game only favor the paying players, such as the recent power increase to the heavy gunner who was already very powerful. There is no balance in this game it’s simply a game of the haves and have nots. Strategy is not required to play this game just a full wallet.

Subscription service

These guys have put in a $5 per week charge if you want to get extra perks for the game. Yes — $240 a year to subscribe — btw — if you don’t spend the money — you get beat almost every time. Boooo. I have already spent over $30 bucks and would have kept it up. Totally ruined a decent game. DELETE.

Clash royal WW2

It’s better than clash. You should get it.

It's pay to win.

So I did the FREE trial on power ups and made it to 2200+ medals, but as soon as the free trial expired I got pushed back down to 1700 medals. It's pay to win, plain and simple. There is no strategy, money talks. I'll be deleting this game, I don't need to win that bad.

Not fun anymore

After most recent "balancing" the game is now impossible to win. It's a shame bc it was a lot of fun, but now it's just garbage. I will probably delete if they don't fix it.

Love it


War is Heck!

Don’t give up the fight! Defeat the enemy with better strategy!


Love this game !!!!

Premium Buff •NOT• working

I purchased Premium package BUT I only received one single buff and what was it ! I have been waiting but it seems to be failed continuously for almost two week . I do not want to pay for nothing !

Worst game ever

If you want to win, you need to spend a lot of money. Game is very boring. Copies other boring games. Very weak effort.


This game is so good at first I thought it was boring but I was wrong


This game is so fun!


6 times just today; right in the middle of game play it freezes for about 30 seconds then crashes. Well I just lost that match. Super fun 😒

Gets really boring quick

Game play is fun at first but very quickly becomes boring. Get matched against impossible players to beat very early. Troops are based on random card draws and level ups of troops are impossible without spending money or extremely long waits.


Unbalanced piece of sh*+. Trust me don’t play unless you wanna get beat by players 2-3 levels lower than you unexplainably. You’ll wanna rip your hair out or throw your phone

Not for free to play gamers

They just released a subscription service. If you do not pay for this you are way outmatched. No matter what skill level you have you can't beat people that have cards 2 or 3 levels higher than you. They took all of the fun out. I just deleted this game. Don't waste your time or money like I did!!!

Esta muy bueno 😍😍😍😍😍

Una copia de clash royale pero es buenisimo

I really like this game. Full 5 stars.

It has a great idea and it delivers on that idea. It’s a simple war-based game, that pits you up against someone randomly, and gives you mana to spend on deploying your troops.

👍 very good game

verry good game

Wow, this was a great game until....

They ruined the game it is pay to win only, if u don’t pay the subscription you will be very ineffective.

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