War Heroes: Best War Games Відгуки

It’s okay

It’s not all that fun and it seem that everyone is putting money into this game already and doesn’t make it fun for the people that play for the fun of the game


Great game

Do not play!

The makers of this game are just in it for the cash grab. You have no chance of moving upward unless you pay their exorbitant demands. Save yourself the time and headaches and move onto a better game than this.


This is a great game. My only problem is that there is no back button. Please add a back button.

Used to be fun

The match making is way off, no reason why I should be going up against another player 3 leagues above me with 500 more medals. They make it hard to progress when you win a match you get 20 medals at the most, when you lose, you lose 42 medals. Game seriously needs to be fixed. Thanks for the nonsense updates.

لعبة جميلة جدا

انصح بتحميلها تستحق التجربة و العناء

My thought about this game

This game is so fun and really just can’t even explain it it’s just addictive I can’t put my phone down when I’m playing this game


Great game!!

Not close to similar games

Climb the ladder just to wait 20 minutes for a matchup. Gold balance is non existent. Developers don’t listen to advice. I spent $$$$ on this game and bought my way to top 3. Stick with Supercell and original games.

العبه ظالمه

ما انصح تحميلها لازم تخسر فلوس ولا فيها عدل يخلونك تلعب مع اللي أقوى منك عشان تدفع يعطون خصمك كروت ورو بعض عشان تخسر ما في توازن في مستويات اللعب الصراحه حرام كل ريال فيهم اذا في اقل من نجمه كنت عطيتهم ولا في اي تواصل مع الادارة


Game full of cheaters You start the game, and the opponents is already way ahead of you! What's the fun???


لعبه مسليه وممتعه جدا انصح الجميع


The balance of the game with your opponents level needs work. You find yourself either with a super easy opponent or an extremely hard opponent who is 2 levels above you. Does not seem like there is a middle ground. The game ends up being pointless and a waste of money, I’ve been playing for awhile, there is nothing balanced when you loose 1 game and forfeit 47 medals and your next win is not even 20 medals forcing you to win at least 3 games just to be back where you were. This balancing problem continues after losing 4-6 games in a row, you don’t see easier opponents normally just harder ones, your forced to not play because after losing almost 200 medals and being kicked back to the previous war zone.... now you not only have to win twice as many games to get back to your war zone, your still up against players with more advanced units and higher level cards. The game is definitely fun at first, but after a few long term losing streaks and experiencing the huge balance / player level / card level issues it’s not a game that continues to Capture your attention.

Amazing Time Spender

I’ve played this game for countless hours and I’m still just as in love with it as when I first discovered it! It’s worth the premium membership!

Great game-too many people with cheats on

Great game, however need to many people using cheats. Makes game a lot less enjoyable to play.


I don’t have anything to say it just a great game overall download it nowwwwwwwwwwwwwww!

Fun game, but not balanced

Fun game to kill time, but once you reach around 2400 medals you cannot progress much more bc you’ll often be matched up with players that have much higher level cards than you. You can lose one match and lose as many medals as it took you to make in 3 wins, and you only get like 10 gold per win where everything takes over 10,000 gold to level cards towards the mid range. I’m pretty sure people will purposely tank their medal standings so they can play against players that have units 3-4 levels under them which kind of ruins it. I’ve been stuck at this for months and it takes so long to accumulate cards and gold to level up that you have to pay crazy amounts of money, $5/week subscription for an iPhone game, to level yourself up to compete or spend years trying to catch up to players. Would be a lot more fun if the cards didn’t have levels and you actually had to use skill to win instead of overcoming bases and units with thousands of more health points than your own.

Where to start..

Let’s just be real. Grenades hit planes and down them in one shot from a bunker yet the same grenadier can’t do that on the field. Napalm burns choppers out of the sky. Interesting. It’s a game. It can be fun but no joke, you’ll lose your mind understanding the mechanics of it. Go somewhere else and don’t waste your money.

Nerf Leonidash!!!

Wrecked one of your pay to play guys but got turned on when I destroyed both of his towers at the same time. He got wrecked strategically but his general completely overpowered the field. Gonna drop trophies so I can at least have some fun playing.


Fake coin generators use this game to lie to people to trick into playing

Pay to play

Games fun until you get to lvl 8, then it’s unbalanced and you pretty much have to pay to compete. Don’t waste your time or money.


Best game ever

Lame, don’t bother

This was fun for a day or two but then clearly became a game you had to spend money on to have a fighting chance. After about day two every opponent is higher level, better cards etc. so you have no chance. Don’t waste your time.

Fix the bugs

Could be a 5 star game to many bugs crashes won't spend any money on this game need more updates!

Gamer idea

This game is extremely good But it roots from CLASH ROYAL With some motivation ideas

Very very خوب

خيلى باحاله بسازيد

Hell if a game.

It’s really fun and easy for my kids. Love it.

Unfair to players

Unless you want to pay a ridiculous amount for a game that isn’t worth the money, don’t play. It’s clear that you’ll win if you pay. Where is the skill in that?

Interesting game



I guess it has software problem, because every two or three days, i can not entering the game and it says “unable to retrieve player data”

Great Game overall

its a great game. Good gameplay. Way more better than clash royale. My suggestion is , give more alliance activvity to make it more fun as a group. But dont make wars. Make other ideas that are aliance base to pull evrbody to play. Make a group win lost event for epic card only. Create a group battle to pick what card they want and battle it something like that. Exchange card ticket events for alliance , etc... . Good game overall

Kill time, not my wallet.

I play these games when I want to relax and kill time. Once the game stops being fun, it’s not a game anymore it’s a chore. It was fun in the beginning. But then they introduced the premium packages, and every little thing to cost money. Ok I can ignore that and just keep doing what I’m doing, but the matches became so broken and uneven, it’s not fun. It frustrates you more than anything. When it gets to the point where I can’t win unless I drop upwards of a 100 bucks in a day, screw this game. Save yourself grief. Don’t play it.


They need to work on the connection software for people all around the world. Soldiers get bored and want to play mindless little games but can’t connect to fight anyone and it never works. Thanks for nothing.

Hi Iam mahdi from Iran

This game is great 👍

Don’t listen to negative comments

I might have run into some hacker but still whooped him lol great game! Been playing for two days now as Clash Royale has been slow lately. LOVING IT! You can chat with people around the world too! Nice game



Bad connection

The game always showing cannot connect to the server during the game. How bad sever it is

Lot of potential

Game with a lot of potential but ended up being terrible because it’s just another clash Royale. If you want to make a popular make a popular game make a different game. This is just a sad wanna be clash royale

Good game, confusing algorithm, weak diversity

Overall the game is great. I think it would be even better if the users could understand how the game decides how many tags you win or lose per battle. There’s instances (more often than not) that I lose 41 tags but will only gain 14 if I win. It’s defeating and annoying. Also maybe add a little diversity in your characters, I think there’s only 1 character that’s a POC. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Most racist players here

Game is fun, when it’s working. Servers are down a lot, and you’re mostly up against premium players who pay to play. A lot of racism in the chats so yeah that too


Excelente bruta gracias

Corrupt Money Stealing Devs

This entire game is situated to take as much of your money as possible. You may even experience a ‘glitch’ that takes a large amount of your currency and then be told “no refunds are offered for accidental purchases.” An absolute racket run by dishonest thieves. Take your patronage elsewhere and save yourself frustration and money. The 4.7 review for this game is a scam. Read the REAL negative reviews.


Tanks for this app

Cool game

Love play it all the time

Paying customers

They tried to charge my iTunes account without my permission, pay if you want to win. No free anything.


This game is amazing

Another pay to win game with cheaters

Dont bother, its not fair in match making whatsoever.

Money grab don’t download unless you’re willing to pay

Games definitely fun to play and it’s developed beautifully. But once you get to level 9+ the app refrains you from surpassing 2600 trophies. They often balance the game play so not one battle deck gets too much power but in combination with that and the premium subscription. You’re pretty much at a constant disadvantage cause it favors those who subscribe and pay further beyond the gems you already purchase. I’ve spent a lot already on gems and I still haven’t surpassed 2675 trophies. Within a nonstop 4 hr game play, Ill usually end up with less trophies than I started and frustrated. Don’t download unless you’re willing to pay for it. Everyone in our alliance is experiencing these issues. Which means this issue is game wide. Also when you battle, you’re constantly faced with players that often enough have 400+ trophies over and two levels higher. Developer. If I’m wrong, prove it or fix this.

Best game of the Year.

I was second thinking it, When I saw this game. I will be the first to say I can’t stop playing. Best Game Of The Year.


So youtubed 53 straight losses haha great pr for you guys! Does this mean its not rigged since you will not let me win but say its a random generated program haha. How many bots can you have smh dbags Wow you really hate criticism or people speaking out against you hahah. 42 straight does not help your case with better business bureau! 2300 back down to 1800 medals hahah thank god i video the matches now and upload them smh its amazing I mean im glad the business bureau looks into apps now that charge in app purchases for the addiction it causes and it is considered being a gamble like with cod now etcetc and im glad people have reported your game as a pay to play in order to win which is an addiction:) i can only hope one day you have to pay back everyone. Update: pathetic immediately next game same exact cards!? Seriously what are the odds and coincidence! And why would you have different boards set up if u can not choose your deck for that board smh not to bright on that one! Update: how does someone get 5 choppers in a min, 5 flame throwers, 5 snipers, 4 exploding jeeps and 5 large armies all in a min? Once again time as your game goes by would say theoretically and physically impossible but obviously broke all laws of physics on that! Update: how does someone play a artillery gun/ a gatlin ground gun / a mortar cannon and a generator within 5 seconds of each other? After they played it i did not get either of my bombs after playing 3 cards i still did not get either? After they destroyed on their own they played the same cards again on the other side, now that is horrible luck on my part an Update: nobody none of you can answer how i lost so many straight? After i wrote a horrific review of your game i won 5 in a row then lost 12 straight and ironically i spent $5 and went 20-3 another hell of a coincidence, there is alot of those with your game maybe you should play the lottery:) its ok you are just like golf clash and a few others in this country greed is the only constant doing anything for anyone without an ulterior motive is futile at best. $1 from everyone just will not cut it i guess:) Update: still curious what i need to spend to actually not get screwed and u will not reply? 2500 down to 1900 haha around 36 straight losses, how is that even possible? Does that mean they paid more because that is one hell of a coincidence. I will even mirror a deck that destroyed me and ill get destroyed the next 5 in a row, how does that work? Still trying to figure out last match as usual someone deployed large chopper 6 times in one match!!? I will say that is something right there! Im guessing he spent around a couple hundred? Still waiting after my last reviews, how do you go from 2100 to 1600 losing over 50 straight? You want me to spend more money will that help? You keep deleting my reviews thats not nice, i get it other people will read them but is that not the point? Now down to 1500 from 2100, im asking you again how much do you want me to spend to win? I just played someone with 2 ground troops that was it, and they killed me with bombs, napalm, bullets and emps? How is that even possible? It literally can not happen but they did it. So once again what garbage you selling? How does someone get a tank twice right next to my building without me being able to counter for over 20 secs, in 4 games none the less? I mean that is just one hell of a coincidence. Still waiting? Another question would be how am i always losing connection during games and when it catches up im getting drilled? I have a nighthawk 10 router costs over $400 my own cable modem netgear $150 with spectrums service running their turbo? So enlighten me on that little coincidence as well. Like i said garbage, but ill keep at it dont worry:) update: explain to me how someone can get level 7 paratroopers 6 times in a game, level 5 sniper and flamethrower 5 times each, level 5 helicopter 5 times, level 3 recruit squad 6 times and level 4 jeep that blows up 6 times? I mean talk about triple time hell it lasted 1 min 30 secs that has to be a record. Next game spawned a level 5 infantry barracks, paratrooper 7 and napalm 4 within 2 secs of each other? After which he deployed a level 3 infantry airborne ontop of each other? Do you guys realize the blatant misery of your bots? Do not worry ill keep adding to your rip off bs:) i also like someone has level 5 napalm and it stays on the filed for 30 secs hahah that is just classic:) update: 5 cruiser tanks and general with outpost, 5 helicopters level 5, 4 helicopter bombers, recruit platoon level 3 6 times, sniper 4 times and flamethrower 6 times how do u defend that as usual when u get screwed? Update: 6 cannons, 6 helicopters, 4 tanks, 5 afc, 6 snipers, 6 flamethrowers i mean i guess all these people just have good luck to have their health that fast. Update: back to back games with both players not having a card over 4 i could not even damage a bunker of theirs but they destroyed all of mine? I would love the rationale on that! Used the same deck that just decimated me and i lost 6 straight times with it haha, ironically to the same individual who beat me with that same deck and again with identical decks he got all my buildings and i could not get one! Anytime you guys want to respond to your pay to win and try and beat are bots bs i would love to hear it, no refunds etc? How much do we have to spend in order to win and make it to the league bs

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